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12 Month Warranty

Every product is backed with a warranty. From design to manufacturing, delivery to service we are committed to quality. Our 'New' products come with brand-specific warranties and we honour a 12 month warranty on all our 'Refurbished' products.
Any warranty services or questions must be accompanied by the original order number from the purchase transaction (TOC followed by a 4 digit number). The order number also acts as your warranty number and must be retained.

Our warranty applies to the product for its function, and mechanical workings for 12-months from the original receiving date. During this period, we will repair or replace defective parts with new or reconditioned parts without charge to you.

The warranty does NOT cover against defects in materials or mesh seating, or cosmetic damage occurred from use.

The warranty does NOT cover against improper use or damage to functionality from improper use.

Receipt of sale or other proof of purchase must be retained to receive warranty service.