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Article: A Glimpse Into the Future of Home Office Design Trends - 2023 and Beyond!

A Glimpse Into the Future of Home Office Design Trends - 2023 and Beyond!

A Glimpse Into the Future of Home Office Design Trends - 2023 and Beyond!

If you work in an office, or are thinking about setting up a home office, you might be wondering what design trends will be popular in 2023. Here are some of the top predicted trends to help you get ahead of the curve!

The top office design trends for 2023 include biophilic design, sustainability, and technology integration.

2023 is right around the corner, and offices will be looking for the latest design trends to make their work environment more enjoyable. One of the top trends is biophilic design, which means integrating natural elements into office spaces such as plants and open windows. Sustainability will also be a key focus in office design, with companies investing in sustainable furniture such as second-hand or refurbished items to help reduce their environmental impact. Finally, technology integration is expected to take off - from laptop stands to automated lighting control - so that businesses can keep up with rapidly advancing technology. It looks like 2023 will be an exciting year for modern office design!

Biophilic design is all about incorporating nature into the workplace, whether it's through plants, natural light, or views of the outdoors.
Recently there has been a lot of buzz about biophilic design. It's an innovative way to bring more of nature into your workplace and make it feel like home! By incorporating plants, natural light, and views of the outdoors we can make our environments greener and healthier. But let's go a bit further than that—biophilic design doesn't just make our surroundings look better. Studies have found that regular exposure to nature can improve employee morale and even reduce stress levels, leading to a more productive work environment overall. So why not give biophilic design a try? Your team will thank you for it!
Sustainability is important in both office design and company culture - consider using recycled materials, energy-efficient lighting, and water-saving fixtures.

Creating sustainability within your office space is a great way to get started with eco-friendly practices.

Not only does it look great, but it also promotes respect for our environment. This could include second-hand office furniture or refurbished pieces, as well as energy efficient lighting and water-saving fixtures. You can also consider purchasing sustainably manufactured office furniture, much of which is crafted from materials such as wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and recycled fabrics. Every effort counts when it comes to being more sustainable in the workplace – not only do you have the comfort of knowing that you’re doing your part to reduce your environmental footprint, but many other bonuses come with having an eco-friendly workplace. Did we mention savings on electricity bills?

Technology is becoming increasingly integrated into our lives, so it's no surprise that it's also making its way into office design. From wireless charging stations to standing desks with built-in monitors, there are endless possibilities for how technology can improve your work space.

Technology is quickly finding its way into the workplace making it easier than ever to get work done. Not only are energy saving devices like energy-efficient lighting and motion sensing switches becoming increasingly common in desks and boardrooms, but office design has also integrated wireless charging stations as well as standing desks with built-in monitors to further improve productivity. With all this convenience, it's no wonder people these days enjoy working in environments that cater to their techy needs without compromising energy efficiency.

These are just a few of the many trends that will be shaping office design in the coming years - so start planning now to create a workspace that's ahead of the curve!

Office design is always changing, and it can be hard to stay ahead of the curve. Knowing the upcoming office design trends will help you create a workspace that’s comfortably modern and up to date. Innovative touches like standing desks, local artwork, and flexible seating arrangement are powerful features that show your business is keeping on top of emerging trends. And with technology advancing at a rapid pace, it’s important to make sure your office has the right amount of digital infrastructure in order to improve employee efficiency. Don’t wait - plan now for an ahead-of-the-curve office space!


Well being in the workplace

Staying well in the workplace can seem like a tricky task - and not just because of demanding deadlines and overflowing to-do lists. Taking care of yourself also means feeding yourself healthy foods, as well as taking breaks to get sunlight on your face and stretching your limbs with a few simple stretches. It can help to do these things in a quiet, relaxing environment with soft music or calming tones. Every moment of self-care adds up, making it easier for you to succeed at work, so don't forget to make your wellbeing part of your daily agenda at the office!

Blending home, work and third places

Making a distinction between home, work, and other third places nowadays can be difficult as more and more offices become open workspaces and people barter at coworking spaces. However creating those comfortable pockets of cosy productivity is essential for creating harmony throughout the day. Whether it’s creating inviting spaces to work in within your own home or creating designated areas in your office, aim to create warm and inviting places that you feel happy to stay and work in for extended periods of time. To fill the gap for places to escape outside of your own home or workplace, consider creating a third place; this could take on many forms from an art class after work each week, or joining a local book club on the weekend. This way you can still have comfortable social interactions with likeminded individuals without ever having to leave your comfort zone!


Hotelification of the workplace

As offices and companies model themselves more closely after the service industry, we have to redefine what it means for people to “go to work.” Many offices are transitioning from a traditional 9-5 schedule to opting instead for a hotel-like environment where people come in and out on their own terms. This also allows us to better adjust offices as we continue our slow and steady steps back into the workforce after pandemic life. Although it can take some getting used to, there is much to gain from offices adapting this hotelification model over a more rigid one that just doesn't fit with the times anymore. This could be the key to get people back into the workplace while still prioritizing their well-being.


creating "commute worthy" offices

something that will get you to put something on other than joggers in the morning.

In the current pandemic ridden reality, statics reveal a 26.1 percent decline in commuting across the United Kingdom. This means that for a lot of us, it has been easy to stay in our PJs and attend virtual meetings from the comfort of our beds. However, this doesn’t have to be the case forever! Whether you are meeting with colleagues or hosting client meetings in your home office, sprucing up your workspace can create an atmosphere that encourages productivity and makes it easier to attire yourself “commute worthy” each morning. Not only will this save time which could otherwise be wasted getting ready, but it could also help to kickstart motivation and create a better sense of boundaries between work life and home life. So don’t underestimate the power of creating an inspiring work environment that is "commute worthy"!

Art in the workplace that looks like at home and in the office.

With more people working from home and spending time in the office, it's never been more important to make sure that both places feel like creative, inspiring spaces. Adding art to a workplace is a great way to do this! Local UK artists offer so much potential when it comes to adding colour and life to an interior - their work can be found across both residential and commercial places. Having beautiful pieces hung up around the office or at home helps bring focus and a sense of calm that encourages creativity and productivity. Best of all, supporting local artists helps the community while brightening up the space at hand!

All in all, the workplace is continually changing and evolving to meet the needs of its occupants. The trends we discuss above are just a few examples of what you can expect when designing or re-designing your office space. Doing so with mindfulness of biophilic design, sustainability, technology integration, well being, third places and art will ensure a workspace that embraces innovation while promoting productivity and wellbeing. We encourage you to consider these trends now - not only for 2023 but beyond - to create an office space that will bring success to you and your team! To make sure that you are on trend without breaking the bank, be sure to check out our curated collections for 2023 - it'll be sure to bring fresh ideas into your workspace!

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