At Frovi, we believe that furniture is more than just functional objects. It's a reflection of our values, style, and identity.

That's why we create furniture that not only looks beautiful but also feels comfortable and adds value to your space. We are passionate about design, innovation, and sustainability, and we strive to create pieces that inspire creativity and promote well-being.

At The Office Crowd we’re passionate about helping our customers find furniture solutions.

so when it comes to choosing your next piece of furniture why not make it something special from Frovi?

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Our collections are crafted with care and attention to detail, using premium materials and innovative techniques. From cozy lounge chairs to practical storage solutions, our furniture is designed to enhance your daily experience and make your life easier.


We believe in sustainable practices and use eco-friendly materials in our production process. We work with local suppliers and manufacturers to reduce our carbon footprint and support the community. At Frovi, we care about our customers, our team, and our planet. We are committed to making a positive impact and creating a better future for all.


  • In 2019, Frovi won the Mixology North award for Product of the Year for their Softbox sofa system. The award recognizes the best in commercial interior design in the north of England.
  • Also in 2019, Frovi won a Silver Award at the London Design Awards for their modular seating system, Studio. The London Design Awards celebrate creativity and innovation in design.
  • In 2020, Frovi was shortlisted for the Mixology North award in the Manufacturer of the Year category. This award recognizes the best manufacturers and suppliers in the commercial interiors industry.
  • In 2021, Frovi won a Green World Award in the Sustainability category for their commitment to sustainable design and manufacturing practices. The Green World Awards celebrate businesses and organizations that are making a positive impact on the environment.


Frovi works with a range of talented designers from around the world to create their furniture collections. Some of the designers they have collaborated with include:

  • Simon Pengelly, a British furniture designer known for his sleek and functional designs
  • BroomeJenkins, a UK-based design studio specializing in furniture and product design
  • Edoardo Petri, an Italian designer with a background in industrial and product design
  • Michael Sodeau, a British designer whose work is characterized by a clean, minimalist aesthetic

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We are committed to achieving carbon net zero by 2030.

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