Staff working remotely? Change the way you manage them

When the pandemic forced the almost overnight switch from office-based working to setting up shop at home, nobody had much time to prepare.

For the first few weeks it was merely about getting by and, for some, that mentality has continued.

Working at home? Exercise has never been more important
It probably seemed like a drag at the time, but those long walks to the bus stop or the train station as you made your way to work were really important in terms of physical wellbeing.
Government has nothing to fear about home working culture

Even though it was a government mandate that people should work from home, you could tell they were slightly uneasy about the long-term consequences.

What would become of a population who abandon the concept of commuting to work, and set up base in a spare room of their home?

Money saved by companies closing offices should be reinvested in the homes of employees
From epicentre to a ghost town Walking through the office districts of towns and cities across the UK has become a lonely experience. What were onc...

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