The importance of a perfect Zoom backdrop

The importance of a perfect Zoom backdrop

A different era

Ask anyone who had to set up a home office prior to March 2020, and they would say the focus was on perfecting what was in front and beside you.

A large desk space, adequate stationery within easy reach and a nice screen that’s kind on the eyes were the priority.

Some even positioned themselves to get a nice view out the window while they worked, or adorned their walls with photographs of loved ones and inspirational quotes.

But lockdown changed everything and in the home office now, it’s what’s behind you that counts.


It’s behind you…

As the world became used to seeing more people on applications like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, they also became used to debating the background in people’s homes.

It started on the television news channels as experts across the world showed off their well-stocked bookcases.

Then such meetings became common for offices, and colleagues began assessing each other’s homes.

Dogs barking and kids charging in was an amusing novelty at first but, as these meetings have increased, creating an air of professionalism has become far more important.


Here to stay

Latest figures suggest there are more than 1.6 million people logging into Zoom every day in the UK.

Even if offices do eventually return, the popularity of these meetings will remain.

Nobody wants to do business with someone who’s operating from an apparently chaotic environment.

So there are some things you can do to improve the scenes behind you.


What do I do now?

Virtual backgrounds on various apps are an option, but it’s hard to find one that looks professional and seamless.

And in reality, the people you’re talking to want to get a feel for where you’re working from, rather than the Caribbean beach scene you’re created for yourself as a light-hearted backdrop.

Lighting is vital. Don’t have windows behind you or you’ll look like a silhouette and, if there isn’t enough natural light you can invest in special lamps to sit behind the device you’re calling from.

Bookcases look great, but be sure you’ve checked there’s no sensitive work-related documents on there, or inappropriate literature.

Not everyone has the luxury of having a dedicated study or office at home but, when calls are to be made, it’s vital to find a place where there isn’t other human noise or traffic going on.

And in terms of decoration, simplicity is best. The focus of those you’re speaking to should be on you and your contributions – they don’t want to be distracted by whacky backgrounds.

A simple painting or a vase of flowers is perfectly adequate.

Home offices were formerly private spaces which only you and your household would ever see.

Thanks to lockdown and the Zoom culture, now you’re inviting the whole world in for a look.




Daily Zoom users in the UK at the end of March 2020 – 200,000

Daily Zoom users in the UK now – 1.6 million

700 per cent increase



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