All Plastic Chair, 2017

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Vitra All Plastic Chair - Jasper Morrison

The APC chair by Jasper Morrison is based on the basic shape of a traditional wooden chair, but it incorporates modern materials and manufacturing methods to improve comfort, flexibility, and adaptability.

The chair frame is made of high-performance dyed-through polypropylene in a single piece. The organically formed seat and backrest are made of polypropylene, which is less rigid than the frame, to provide ergonomic support and comfort.

The rubber buffers that cushion the junction between the frame and the backrest provide additional support by allowing a gentle degree of flex in response to the sitter's movements.

The use of two separate types of plastic for the frame and seat is articulated by making a slightly lighter shade of the frame colour for the seat and backrest, giving the chair a distinctive two-tone effect.

The All Plastic Chair is water and sunlight resistant, making it ideal for outdoor use and a versatile choice for both contract and residential environments.

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