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Measuring Advice & Design Considerations

We want you to be delighted with your products from The Office Crowd, so here's some advice from our team to ensure that your new purchases fit perfectly into your home.

If you feel confident doing your own measurements, read our guide below…

Measure Up!

To be 100% sure that your goods are suitable for your room of choice, please check your room measurements first, then you can work out how much space you will have for your new purchase from The Office Crowd.

Consider Proportion  Map out an outline of the product you’re planning to buy using tape or newspaper - remember to leave plenty of room to comfortably walk around your space. For dining tables and chairs, make sure there is approximately 60cm minimum between the rear of your dining chair and the wall to allow the chairs to move in and out easily.

Consider Adaptable Furnishings  If you’re buying a reclining furniture piece, remember to check that there will be enough room for it when it is fully extended. This also applies to extending dining tables and products with drawers or doors.

Consider Accenting Furniture – If you’re looking for bedside tables, consider the height of your bed for an aligned table surface. Think about the seat height of dining chairs, barstools and office chairs in relation to the table surface you’re pairing them with, measure the space between the floor and the table top to ensure they will fit easily underneath and that there is adequate knee space.

Consider Cabinetry & Fixings  Think about the type of wall your furniture will be positioned against and invest in the correct wall fixings and ensure stability of surface. Our entire product range meets all relevant safety standards, however we do recommend fixing any freestanding furniture or mirrors that are over 60cm tall to the wall – this is extremely important in interior spaces where babies and children have access. Always seek professional advice if you are unsure about which fixings to use.


Check Product Dimensions For Delivery Access

Once you know your room dimensions, carefully consider the size and shape of the furniture and lighting products you wish to purchase so you can be satisfied that the goods can be easily delivered to your home.

To find the product dimensions, look at the bottom of our product descriptions to find the ‘Dimensions’ heading, here we display the height, width and depth of each product in mm or cm.

In particular, we advise that you carefully consider the product dimensions of:

• Sofas
• Armchairs
• Barstools (always check the seat height in relation to your table top)
• Dining Tables & Chairs
• Assembled Side Boards
• Chests and Cabinets
• Wardrobes
• Garden Furniture Sets
• Parasols

Furthermore, for lighting and mirrors, we make every effort to display the product weight within our product descriptions, however if this information is not available – please contact our Customer Service Team by emailing us at or call us on +44 (0)20 4526 6311 and we can clarify this information with our supplier.

Check Product Features

We make every effort within our product descriptions to confirm all of the necessary information you need to make an informed buying decision. We encourage you to thoroughly read the product description first to consider whether or not the product you are purchasing is right for you.

Other considerations include:

• Colourways and Finishes – Order free samples of materials, finishes and fabrics from our Customer Service Team if you are unsure to be confident that the colour and finish is right for you.

Please note: Whilst we make every effort to display made-to-order items, sometimes these may vary slightly due to their bespoke nature.

• Technical Data – Consider where you’ll be using the product, for example, if you need a bathroom light or outdoor light, this will need to be IP rated to standards suitable for the location. If in doubt, please contact our Customer Service Team.

• Safety Features – If you have children, consider any additional safety aspects – e.g. you may want to opt for rounded corners on table tops and hardwired options for lighting products.


Pre-Delivery Considerations

Before confirming your delivery address, please consider the location and delivery route into the property to ensure that your delivery goes without a hitch.

For smooth delivery check:

• Is your property on a red route?  This mainly applies to areas in London where red routes are strictly controlled to maintain a steady flow of traffic. If yes, reduce delays and local authority fines* by contacting your local authority in advance.

Once you have placed your order, contact our Customer Service Team to find out the type of delivery vehicle we’ll use and the anticipated delivery slot, then apply for a Parking Dispensation using the Transport London website to confirm if the red route requires this.

*Failure to approve dispensation access on the day of delivery may result in a Penalty Charge Notice being issued to our delivery driver of which you will be liable to pay.

• Parking difficulties – Inform us in advance to avoid any delays.

• Map and location – Rural locations and new build properties are often difficult to find using Satnav and GPS systems. If you anticipate that we will have difficulty locating your property, please provide us with a map and clear directions in advance.

If your property is still under construction, contact your estate agent or new property sales agent to provide this information. Or, if you would like us to liaise with them please provide us with relevant contact details and we will be more than happy to help you with this.

• Ensure postcodes are correct – In instances where the delivery address is a business location, be sure to inform us of the correct loading entrance access point to deliver to – this is particularly important in instances where the building(s) span over two postcodes.

• Site contact – Provide us with any additional access information, particularly in addresses where secure access is required. If your property has a delivery gatehouse or concierge, please make them aware that you are expecting a delivery and provide us with contact information in advance to prevent any access hurdles.

• Delivery restrictions – For commercial properties, find out if a loading bay is required to deliver the goods. For residential, let us know if your property is located near to a school – during peak times it may be difficult to complete delivery.

It’s important that loading and access restriction times are taken into consideration too before agreeing your delivery time as these factors can affect the success of your delivery. Other considerations include cul-de-sacs, one way systems, lifts and parking fees (of which you would be liable). The more information we know in advance, the less likelihood of any delivery interruptions on the day.

• Moving Home – If you are scheduling delivery for a new home move in date, we recommend only confirming your delivery date if you are 100% sure you will have the keys and access to your property. In addition, if you are expecting multiple deliveries on that day, please let us know so that we can ensure your delivery time works in relation to your other deliveries.

We understand that circumstances can change, therefore once you’ve placed your order, if you wish to amend the delivery address/move in date or have any further information that could help our courier on the day of delivery, please contact us without delay using the contact details at the bottom of this page.

Doing Your Own Access Checks

Once you’ve considered measurements, dimensions, product features and delivery restrictions, the final step required is to check the access to your property as the delivery we arrange is on the basis that you have checked that the goods delivered can fit through all doorway entrances, stairways and into the interior space of intended use.

You are responsible for ensuring that the items you order can be safely delivered into your property and room of choice. If our delivery experts consider access unsafe, we will be unable to deliver your goods until a safe access route is provided.

For easy manoeuvring check:

• Property location – Please make us aware if your room of choice is not on the ground floor to ensure prompt delivery on the day. This will allow our delivery team to forward-plan the access route so that your delivery goes without any issues.

• Doorways – Measure the height and width to be sure your product will fit.

• Hallways and access routes – Ensure your hallway is deep enough between the door and the interior wall. Also, check for obstructions such as radiators, fixed lighting, coat hooks or shelving which could affect access.

• Stairwells – Are there any tight corners? Does the height reduce as you climb the stairs?

• Ceiling heights – Is there enough room for the product to stand up e.g. cabinets, wardrobes.

• Lifts – Please see the above advice relating to doorways and hallways plus consider weight capacity.

• Floor protection – Please make sure that you have placed adequate floor covering in advance of receiving delivery to ensure your carpets & flooring are fully protected during delivery.

• Protect breakable objects – It’s always best to remove any fragile or valuable items on the delivery pathway within your home before our driver arrives.

Assembly Instructions

When you receive goods that require assembly, prior to installing, it is very important that you check the instructions and any parts listed to ensure that you have all the relevant parts and that you can fit the product in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

We cannot refund products that have been wrongly fitted or be responsible for any consequences of misfitting our products. We strongly recommend that you employ only qualified and experienced joiners and electricians to install our products.

If the product is found to be damaged or faulty then our standard Returns Policy in relation to damaged or faulty goods will apply.

Failed delivery & re-despatch fees: Failed deliveries do unfortunately come with a cost, with vehicle allocation, route planning and drivers road time all taken into consideration. If you do need to make changes to your delivery please ensure you give us plenty of notice so we can avoid lost fees. A minimum of 1 working days' notice is required in order for us to reschedule your delivery.

If a delivery fails due to the item not fitting into the property then you will be charged for the price of the original delivery (as standard); if you wish to re-despatch the item the re-despatch will also be chargeable. If your initial delivery was free delivery you will be subject to a flat rate failed delivery charge of £50 on all deliveries that fail.

For more information, please contact our Customer Service Team by emailing us at or call us on +44 (0)20 4526 6311.

Our team are available: Monday to Friday 08.30am - 17.30pm.