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Green Globes

What is Green Globe Certification?

Green Globe is a global sustainability certification and performance improvement system that helps organisations across various industries measure, improve, and showcase their commitment to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility. It focuses on guiding businesses, hotels, resorts, conference centres, attractions, and other entities toward adopting sustainable operations and management practices.

Key aspects of Green Globe certification include:

Sustainability Criteria: Green Globe certification sets specific criteria and benchmarks for sustainability across various areas, including environmental conservation, social responsibility, cultural heritage preservation, and economic stability. These criteria cover aspects such as energy and water consumption, waste management, community engagement, employee welfare, and responsible tourism practices.

Assessment and Certification: To achieve Green Globe certification, organisations undergo a rigorous assessment conducted by accredited third-party auditors. The assessment evaluates an organisation's performance against the established sustainability criteria, ensuring compliance with environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices.

Continuous Improvement: Green Globe emphasises continual improvement by encouraging certified organisations to implement sustainable policies, strategies, and practices. It offers guidance and support for ongoing improvements and initiatives that enhance sustainability performance.

Global Recognition: Green Globe certification is internationally recognised and respected, providing certified entities with a credible and recognisable symbol of their commitment to sustainable practices. It helps organisations differentiate themselves in the market by demonstrating their dedication to environmental and social responsibility.

Sustainable Tourism Focus: While applicable to various industries, Green Globe has a particular emphasis on sustainability within the tourism and hospitality sectors. It supports destinations, accommodations, and tourism-related businesses in adopting sustainable tourism practices that minimise environmental impact and benefit local communities.

Transparency and Reporting: Green Globe-certified organisations are required to regularly report on their sustainability efforts and achievements. This transparency allows stakeholders, guests, customers, and the public to assess and verify an organisation's commitment to sustainability.

Green Globe certification serves as a comprehensive framework for businesses and organisations seeking to enhance their sustainability practices, reduce their environmental footprint, and contribute positively to the communities in which they operate. It aligns with the global movement towards sustainable development and responsible business practices while promoting awareness and accountability in the pursuit of a more sustainable future.