Declare is a platform to help distinguish healthy building

Declare is essentially a nutrition label for
construction-related goods. It is intended to make it easier to find goods that
satisfy project's environmental requirements.


Certification that drives environmental change

A surge of legislation, development of standards and consumer awareness has increased the need for companies to demonstrate innovation in design, transparency and reporting for their products and packaging. Intertek’s team of sustainability experts support companies as they navigate issues of compliance, efficiency and management in their sustainability efforts.

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Declare labels disclose all intentionally-added ingredientsand residuals at or above 100ppm (0.01%) present in the final product byweight.

The chemical name, CAS number, and percentage (or range of percentages) for every ingredient must be reported.

These labels list all product ingredients and highlight chemicals of concern using a straightforward colour code scheme. Additional details are given regarding the product's final assembly locations, life expectancy, end-of-life options, and general compliance with pertinent Living Building Challenge requirements (LBC).

We at The Office Crowd find this labelling system incrediblyhelpful when we receive an item and are refurbishing it to go back into thecircular economy.

A free, searchable database contains all currently used
Declare labels. Leading designers, large property owners, and environmentally
conscious homeowners utilize the database to choose goods that adhere to
stringent green building standards like the Core Green Building, LBC, LEED, and
WELL Certifications.

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