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What is the Declare label?

The Declare label is a sustainability initiative introduced by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) primarily aimed at the building and construction industry. It serves as a transparency platform that provides information about a product's composition, sourcing, and environmental impact. The goal of the Declare label is to offer a clear and easily understandable way for consumers, architects, and builders to make informed decisions about the materials they use in construction projects.

Key features of the Declare label include:

Transparency: The label discloses the chemical composition of a product, including ingredients, components, and any potential hazardous materials. This transparency allows stakeholders to assess the product's environmental and health impacts.

Red List Compliance: Declare requires products to disclose if they contain any chemicals included in ILFI's Red List. The Red List consists of harmful substances that are detrimental to human health and the environment, and products containing these substances are not considered environmentally preferable.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA): Declare encourages the use of products with lower environmental footprints. Manufacturers are encouraged to provide data related to a product's life cycle assessment, including its environmental impact during raw material extraction, manufacturing, use, and disposal.

Third-Party Verification: The declaration process involves third-party verification to ensure the accuracy of the product information provided on the label.

Stringent Requirements: Products seeking the Declare label must meet specific criteria set by the ILFI to demonstrate their sustainability, environmental responsibility, and contribution to healthy indoor environments.

By using the Declare label, manufacturers demonstrate their commitment to transparency and sustainability, allowing consumers and construction professionals to make informed choices aligned with their environmental and health-related goals. The label facilitates a shift toward more environmentally friendly and healthier building materials, promoting the creation of healthier indoor spaces and reducing the environmental impact of construction projects.