Who Is Connection?

Connection is dedicated to making sustainable furniture from the highest quality materials available. Our team of designers and engineers have developed innovative products that combine comfort, style, and sustainability with affordability in mind. All our pieces are designed with longevity in mind; we use materials that are built to last without sacrificing aesthetics. Our commitment to sustainability also means we source materials responsibly and use non-toxic finishes that protect both the environment and the health of our customers.


What is the Connection Product Range?

Connection offers an extensive selection of high-quality furniture and accessories that will look great in your home or workplace, including desks, chairs, shelving units, storage shelves, cabinets, and much more. We even offer custom furniture solutions like sofas and sectionals that can be tailored to fit your space perfectly. No matter what you’re looking for, you can find it here at!

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Connection is a leading manufacturer of modern and stylish furniture designs that are perfect for any residence or office.


modern designs feature clean lines and simple silhouettes that look beautiful in any setting – whether it’s a traditional office or a contemporary home. We've crafted timeless pieces that will never go out of style; they will look just as good in your living room today as they will decades from now.


We strive towards reducing waste across production processes by recycling materials where possible , utilising renewable energy sources whenever feasible , monitoring emissions levels , minimising packaging when shipping items , promoting fair labor practices around manufacturing sites , and choosing suppliers who share similar values.


These include accolades such as a 2020 Green America “Gold” certification , recognition by SGS International (one of Europe's largest independent certification institutions) , an award by GoodBed (a resource dedicated rating mattresses ) , two Green Furniture Awards (for best eco-friendly product and best green innovation ) given annually by The Global Alliance For Eco-Furniture and Textiles (a coalition comprised of international furniture companies )

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We are committed to achieving carbon net zero by 2030.

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