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What sets the Kusch & Co collection apart is the meticulous refurbishment process that each piece undergoes. Our team of skilled professionals thoroughly inspects and repairs each item to ensure that it is in pristine condition, both functionally and aesthetically. Any necessary repairs are made using high-quality materials, and the furniture is then thoroughly cleaned and polished to restore its original beauty.


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Kusch & Co: Capa 4200 Chair - RefurbishedKusch & Co: Capa 4200 Chair - Refurbished
Kusch & Co
Kusch & Co: Capa 4200 Chair - Refurbished Sale price£69.00 Regular price£499.00
RefurbishedSave 86%
Kusch & Co: Visitors Chair in Green Leather - RefurbishedKusch & Co: Visitors Chair in Green Leather - Refurbished

Introducing the Kusch & Co collection, a range of high-quality office furniture that has been expertly refurbished by The Office Crowd to provide a sustainable and stylish option for your workspace.

Each piece in the Kusch & Co collection has been carefully selected for its exceptional design, durability, and functionality. From sleek office chairs to spacious workstations, this collection offers a variety of options to meet your office furniture needs.

Not only is the Kusch & Co collection a sustainable choice for your office, but it also offers a unique blend of classic design and modern style. With its clean lines, high-quality materials, and attention to detail, these refurbished pieces will add a touch of sophistication to any workspace.

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