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Article: Our Checklist for Working from Home success

Our Checklist for Working from Home success
Finishing Touches

Our Checklist for Working from Home success

Office Crowd 

Our Checklist for Working from Home success 

From repurposed dining tables to a laptop on an ironing board, we’ve seen all kinds of ad-hoc home office set-ups.  In the last year, many of us have adapted our current living space to accommodate remote working.  For some, that’s been in the relative luxury of a separate workspace.  Often, it has meant adding a working-from-home space into a living room or bedroom. 

Creating a space that helps you stay productive and motivated is well worth the effort.  Even the smallest or most awkward areas can benefit from a few upgrades. 

Sit Upright 

There’s really no substitute for a comfortable and suitable ergonomic task chair.  Sitting at a desk all day can cause neck, shoulder and back pain.  Reducing bad posture and prioritising your health will be worth the investment.   

If you’re worried about unsightly office furniture in your living space, we’ve got numerous stylish options that will blend right in. 

 White Task Chair


The limitation of available space is often the biggest influence on the choice of desk.  But even with a smaller space you can keep it productive and ergonomic. 

Sit-stand desks are good for your health; sitting down all day is not recommended.  Or to alter an existing fixed height desk, height adjustable stands can be added. 

A monitor arm is another good option to free up desk space and correct your posture.   

Stylish Table Top and Chair

Up and Under 

When space is limited then getting creative with storage options can free up desktops.  If it doesn’t restrict your leg room, storage under your desk gives you easy access to retrieve folders etc.  Empty walls provide room for shelving to keep your desk space clutter-free.  

Clutter Free Desk Space

Let there be Light 

In addition to illuminating your space, good lighting should reduce eye strain and keep you productive. Hopefully you have some great natural light (and a good view) but ambient light can come from ceiling or wall lights.  The addition of an adjustable task light will help to enhance visibility for focused work. 

A moderately warm to cool colour-temperature bulb - 2700k-3500k – is recommended to reduce eye fatigue and keep you alert. 

Hay Table Light

Outside In 

Replicate the benefits of Biophilic office design by adding some green to your home office.   Plants in the office have been shown to boost productivity and reduce stress.  Introducing some house plants will add a splash of colour and it's an inexpensive way to improve air quality.   

Biophilic Office Design

Finishing Touches 

A happy worker is a productive worker, so spruce up your space with some personal touches.   Adding photographs or wall art to your surroundings can help to create a space that you enjoy spending time in.  And don’t forget about your backdrop for those online meetings!  Clear out the clutter and style up the bookshelf behind you. 

Vitra Desk and Hay Lamp in Stylish Home Office

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