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Article: Working From Home? Tired of your human co-workers? 10 Best Dog Breeds to Keep You Company

Working From Home? Tired of your human co-workers? 10 Best Dog Breeds to Keep You Company

Working From Home? Tired of your human co-workers? 10 Best Dog Breeds to Keep You Company

As the world shifts to remote working, many people are finding themselves spending more time in their home offices. While this may be an ideal situation for some, it can also be difficult adjusting to not having a daily human interaction. That’s why it’s important to have a companion around that you can count on—a furry one! When you are working on your home office, don't forget the talk around the water cooler could also be the "Hey good boy" at the water bowl.

Whether you’re looking for a pup that will be your dedicated office buddy or just a pet that will provide some comfort and keep you company, here are the 10 best breeds of dogs when you work from home:

1. Labradors

Labradors are incredibly popular pets because of their loving and loyal nature. They’re also great with children and other pets, so they can fit into most households. Plus, they make great office buddies as they love being active and enjoy playing games like fetch. Plus nothing stretches your back like throwing a ball and getting out of your comfortable chair.

2. Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers make excellent companions when you’re stuck at home because of their friendly demeanour and eagerness to please. Plus, these pups love any opportunity to learn new tricks or activities which makes them great for boredom busters while working from home. This is such a classic dog, well mannered, and will keep you company curled up under your standing desk.

3. Poodles

Poodles may not come across as the most traditional choice since they often have a regal reputation, but don’t let that fool you! These intelligent dogs have an independent streak making them perfect companions while working remotely since they won’t need constant attention—but still love it when showered with affection occasionally. We are in the second hand furniture business, so all of our references are about office chairs, but if we had to make an analogy this is the Herman Miller Mirra chair of dogs... Classic, Beautiful to look at, and with great adjustable lumbar support. Just kidding on that last one.

4. Cocker Spaniels

Cocker Spaniels are very affectionate creatures that could easily become your best friend during those long hours spent in your home office! They’re known for being gentle yet playful companions who enjoy cuddling up next to their owners at the end of a long day so this would be ideal if all-day cuddle sessions are what you need! In fact you may make your home office set up on the floor for part of the day to cuddle with these little curly bundles of love.

5. Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas may be tiny but don't let their size fool you—these little dogs pack quite the attitude! They make excellent watchdogs because of their alertness and loyalty, plus they'll always want to stay by your side no matter how much work there is to do (which might even help motivate you!).

6. Greyhounds

Greyhounds have an athletic build and an independent spirit which makes them perfect pets for those who prefer not needing constant attention or company while working from home. Don't worry though; these dogs still need love and affection so give them plenty of snuggles whenever possible—they certainly deserve it!

7. Bullmastiffs

If you prefer large breeds then Bullmastiffs should definitely be on your list! These gentle giants are extremely loyal so if companionship is what you seek while working remotely then look no further than these magnificent beasts! Plus, they're very protective over their owners; having one around ensures safety when taking breaks outside too!

8. Beagles

Beagles are highly sociable animals so if interacting with something furry helps keep boredom away then this breed is definitely worth considering! They're also very active making them great playmates for longer work days; plus, Beagles get along well with most other animals so fitting into a busy household won't be an issue either!

9. Shih Tzus

Shih Tzus may not seem like the most ideal choice since they're usually seen as lap dogs but don't judge a book by its cover; these pooches have plenty of energy making them perfect companions for those who spend lots of time in front of screens during work hours! Plus, Shih Tzus love being around people; giving plenty of hugs throughout the day is sure to keep loneliness away too (just remember not all hugs are welcomed)!

10. Pugs

Last but certainly not least we have Pugs—the classic clowns of canine world! These little furballs aren't particularly active and don't require too much exercise either making them ideal for those who only need occasional physical activity (such as walks) during breaks from work; plus, their goofy personalities offer great stress relief after focusing hard on tasks all day long (or maybe even just staying awake!)

So there you have it—10 top dog breeds when working from home alone; each offering something different but providing much needed companionship all the same. Whether you prefer big or small dogs or anything in between, there's surely something here that will appeal to everyone's individual needs and preferences. Who knows, you may be a cat person.

Since we would love to make your home office a warm and comfortable place for you and Fido.

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