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Article: Newmilns: It all Comes Back to Us.

Newmilns: It all Comes Back to Us.

Newmilns: It all Comes Back to Us.

Despite the efforts of the commercial furniture industry to create environmentally friendly furniture, the problem with waste continues to worsen.
We wanted to take you for a behind the scenes look at what The Office Crowd is doing to help solve the fact that more than 80% of office furniture ends up being discarded.

We are quite proud of our skilled craftsmen and wanted to show you The Office Crowd's warehouse in Newmilns, Scotland, and how we are breathing new life into furniture and the community.

Our Warehouse is located in the picturesque landscapes of East Ayrshire, Scotland, in the charming town of Newmilns.
Our drive to work is a nice break from our busy offices in London, Glasgow and Edinburgh... Where we see more sheep and cattle than commuters.

Newmilns: A Brief History:

Newmilns has a storied past that dates back to the 17th century when it emerged as a thriving center for lace production. The town's lace mills were once the lifeblood of its economy, employing a significant portion of its residents. The delicate lace crafted in Newmilns was highly sought after, earning the town a reputation as a prominent lace producer in Scotland.

However, like many industrial towns, Newmilns faced challenges as the textile industry (and people's taste for lace curtains) evolved. The decline of lace production in the mid-20th century marked a turning point in the town's history.

The Office Crowd's presence in Newmilns isn't just about history; it's also about the future.

The decision to establish a warehouse in Newmilns was strategic. The town's history of craftsmanship and dedication to quality aligns seamlessly with The Office Crowd's values.

Newmilns has a legacy of skilled artisans who once crafted intricate lace patterns. Today, these skills have found new purpose in refurbishing and restoring office furniture to its former glory.

With our skilled craftsmen we are able to take an office chair like this one, in lime green leather... Pull off the old coverings, take out all of the staples, and make a pattern.
One of our Founders, Jennifer Russell said it perfectly. "This is the way our grandparents lived, by seeing the value in something and taking the time to fix or refurbish it. We are living in a time when if something is broken, we throw it away and buy new. At The Office Crowd, we are trying to bring back those old standards, of seeing the value in keeping and repairing what we already have."

We then cut and sew new fabric, here in a really rich green velvet, and painstakingly re-furbish the chair to a modern and almost good as new condition.
Mind you, there may be a few light scratches in the wood, but our client is able to save thousands of dollars a chair, and importantly, keep these perfectly good ones out of landfill.
We packed these up and sent them down to London, where they will sit in a modern waiting room and look great for another 10-15 years!

Quality Assurance:

Before any piece of furniture leaves the warehouse, it undergoes rigorous quality checks. The Office Crowd is committed to providing top-notch, refurbished and brand new furniture that meets the needs and expectations of our customers.
We have a 10 point checklist that we go through with every item before it leaves our warehouse to make sure you are always getting a high quality product.

Storage Solutions:

The warehouse in Newmilns is quite large and we are able to provide storage options for businesses looking to clear office spaces temporarily or during transitions.
We have found this not only helps companies save money but also reduces the need for new furniture purchases when office spaces change.
We keep track of everything you have in storage, and make sure it is easily accessible when you want to put it back into a new office, or provide a home worker with an entire set up.

Promoting a Circular Economy

From supplying a desk and chair to homeworkers to a complete office fit-out, we’re helping customers who want to make a more sustainable choice.
The Office Crowd's approach aligns perfectly with the principles of the circular economy. By extending the life of office furniture, they reduce the demand for new manufacturing and minimize waste. Our commitment to sustainability doesn't end with just selling second-hand furniture; it's about rethinking how we use and manage office assets.

Join the Sustainable Office Furniture Movement

The Office Crowd's warehouse in Newmilns, Scotland, exemplifies our dedication to sustainability and the circular economy. We are leading the way in offering eco-friendly alternatives to businesses, facility managers and home workers across the UK.
Within our business we now have a truly circular economy in office furniture. We are able to now offer an end of life service for office furniture, to compliment our Bureau Workspace and Bureau Move clearance services.

If you're interested in learning more about sustainable office furniture, feel free to explore our other blog posts with keywords like "second hand office furniture," "discount office furniture," "sustainable office furniture," "clearance," "office furniture storage," and "circular economy." Together, we can build a more sustainable future for our workplaces.

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