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Article: Making Office Clearance Sustainable - A Guide for FMs and Office Managers

Making Office Clearance Sustainable - A Guide for FMs and Office Managers

Making Office Clearance Sustainable - A Guide for FMs and Office Managers

As a facilities or office manager, you know that office clearance is a necessary but often tedious and complex process.

What you may not know is that office clearance can also have a significant environmental impact.

For instance, did you know that around 9.8 million office chairs end up in landfills every year in the UK alone?

That is a worrying statistic, considering that office furniture is typically designed to last for decades.

However, there are innovative and sustainable ways of dealing with your office clearance, which can also save you money while helping to preserve the environment.  

In this blog, we will explore the benefits of the circular economy and how The Office Crowd is in a great position to help you with carbon reporting, downsizing, as well as introduce you to our home worker packs that can support your employees wherever they may work.

The global economy currently operates within a linear model where natural resources are extracted, turned into products, used, and then discarded as waste.  

This is the take, make, and dispose model.

The circular economy is a model designed on the principles of being mindful and minimizing our waste and pollution, keeping products in use, and regenerating natural systems.

There are several ways to participate in the circular economy movement. One of them is through participating in our buy back program for your office clearance.

The Office Crowd is an online marketplace that enables businesses to sell their unwanted office furniture and equipment to individuals, micro-businesses, and charities who are happy to give second hand items a new lease on life. 

We are in a unique position to be able to take entire office clearances, refurbish most items in house, and either send them back to you, hold and store them in our large warehouse for when you are ready to expand again, or re-sell or re-cycle them.

Re-selling with us on our online marketplace creates a win-win situation for us both, since you and your company reduce your disposal costs, while buyers get affordable and high-quality office items.

Carbon reporting is another sustainability factor that businesses are increasingly concerned about.
Carbon reporting refers to the quantification of a company's greenhouse gas emissions, which is often hard to properly calculate for office spaces. 

The Office Crowd enables businesses to generate carbon savings by participating in the circular economy of office furniture. For office clearances we can produce a report that shows how much carbon you saved from landfill, or how much you saved by refurbishing with us.

Across the UK, there is a growing trend of downsizing office spaces as more and more people work from home.
We at The Office Crowd understand why it is becoming popular, especially after Covid. 

Downsizing ensures that businesses pay for only the space they need. It reduces rental and building-related costs, as well as energy consumption. 

However, office downsizing can present its set of challenges. For example, office managers must deal with how to equip their remote employees with the right resources to ensure productivity and wellbeing. 

May we also introduce you to our home worker packs! These packs contain everything a remote employee needs to create a comfortable and functional workspace at home. 

The pack includes a chair, desk, laptop stand, and some additional accessories.
We store everything at our warehouse that a new remote employee could need, and we send it to them during your onboarding process. 

We also offer to pick up packs when an employee moves on, putting those items back into storage and circulation for you!

Give one of our lovely employees at our Newmilns office a call if you are interested.

Contact The Office Crowd today and join the sustainability bandwagon while also saving on costs and carbon!

Call: 020 4566 8640

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