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Article: How to look good and feel good at your desk. Monitor arms, the pro move.

How to look good and feel good at your desk. Monitor arms, the pro move.

How to look good and feel good at your desk. Monitor arms, the pro move.

This happy blog writer for The Office Crowd just picked up one of our many monitor arms and wants to sing its praises!
I spent the last year sorely hunched over my laptop, and looking like a conquering overlord with three chins on zoom calls.
My new monitor arm now has me sitting pretty... In this blog let's go through why you should grab one from the Office Crowd while supplies last. (We have one priced at 80% off!)

If like me, you've been spending too much time hunched over your laptop, it's time to upgrade your workspace with monitor arms.
They are the perfect solution for those of us who want to look good during video meetings and keep our hands free.
Monitor arms can help improve posture, reduce neck strain, and increase comfort while also keeping your desk organized.

Two of our favorites, that we have in stock right now are made by Humanscale.

Humanscale is a company that has made it their mission to revolutionize the way people interact with technology—particularly in office and home settings. As part of that mission, they have created a range of monitor arms designed to provide superior ergonomic support for computer users. By providing an optimal viewing height, monitor arms help reduce neck and back strain while also encouraging proper posture. In addition, they allow users to easily adjust the position of the display for maximum visibility and comfort.

Good posture is essential in all aspects of life, but especially when using a computer as it can reduce fatigue and improve concentration. The correct positioning of a monitor arm can help prevent neck pain from looking down at a laptop or desktop screen, as well as shoulder and back strain from hunching over when typing. It can also limit eyestrain due to glare from the screen or uncomfortable angles that force your eyes to work harder.

Furthermore, Humanscale’s monitor arms are designed with high-grade materials such as aluminum alloy and steel that provide stability and durability. They also feature an integrated cable management system which helps keep cords organized and out of sight for a neat workspace. Additionally, some models come with adjustable tension controls so you can adjust them according to your weight preference as you move between tasks.

Now if that wasn't enough to pick up one of these bad-boys at a huge discount on our site, how about if we appeal to your vanity...

Using a monitor arm also has another huge benefit – when set up correctly, it can help avoid double chin syndrome during Zoom meetings! Because it elevates your monitor at an angle, it ensures that you’re looking straight ahead instead of down at the camera which creates a double chin effect. This means that during teleconferences or video calls, you look professional and put-together without straining your neck or having to constantly adjust the camera angle throughout the meeting.
It also shows a more natural view of your room, and not a view of your ceiling.

Humanscale's M8 Monitor Arm is a great option for those who want to get the most out of their workstation. It features an adjustable spring technology that provides 3-dimensional movement and flexibility, allowing you to position your monitor at the perfect angle for ergonomic productivity. The arm also has two quick release levers that make it easy to move the monitor from one position to another.

The Humanscale M/Connect 2 Monitor Arm is an excellent choice for those who want to look good on Zoom calls or during video conferences. This arm has a sleek, modern design that will make your desk stand out in any office environment. The M/Connect 2 features an adjustable height range so you can position the monitor at just the right angle, as well as a spring tension system that allows you to change viewing angles easily. Plus, it comes with integrated cable management so all of your cords are neatly tucked away and out of sight.

Zgo Technologies' Z1 Monitor Arm is perfect for those who need a more versatile option. This arm can be adjusted vertically and horizontally, giving you full control over your viewing angle without sacrificing ergonomics or comfort. The Z1 also comes with a built-in cable management system that keeps your desk tidy and clutter-free.

Monitor arms are an easy way to upgrade your workspace and help you stay comfortable while also looking good on Zoom calls or video conference meetings.

Whether you choose one of the options listed above or something else entirely, adding a monitor arm to your desk is sure to improve your workday and help you stay comfortable. With improved posture, reduced strain on your neck and wrists, and tidier workspace, you'll be able to focus on what matters most--your work (and looking good).

Happy typing!

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