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Article: How to keep rubbish out of our oceans

How to keep rubbish out of our oceans.

How to keep rubbish out of our oceans

What is a Circular Economy and How Can it Help Our Office Chairs?

At times, the idea of sustainability can seem overwhelming. We are constantly hearing about ways in which we can reduce our environmental impact, but how do we actually do it? One way to be more sustainable is through the circular economy. The circular economy is an alternative approach to the traditional linear economy that focuses on reducing waste by reusing materials and resources. This concept applies to all aspects of life, including office chairs. Let's take a closer look at what the circular economy is and how it works with office chairs.


Understanding the Circular Economy

The circular economy is based on the idea of creating a cycle that keeps materials and resources in use for as long as possible instead of discarding them after one-time use. This helps to reduce waste and conserve resources, making production more efficient and sustainable. The goal is to have products used for their full lifespan before they are recycled or reused in some way. To do this, manufacturers need to design products with longevity in mind so that they last longer than just one season or trend cycle.


Trash in the Ocean - Where Does It Come From?

Every year, about 8 million metric tons of trash enter our oceans from land-based sources. But where does it come from? Much of it starts out as litter on the streets or beaches which makes its way into rivers and streams and eventually ends up in the sea. But that’s not all; much of our ocean pollution comes from industrial sources such as offshore oil rigs or ships releasing sewage and other forms of wastewater directly into the water.

According to research by Love Your Clothes UK, over 4 million tonnes of office furniture ends up in landfills in the UK alone every year! Instead of buying new furniture, consider purchasing secondhand items instead—you might even get lucky enough to find something vintage or antique that adds a unique touch to your home office while helping out the environment at the same time. Take a peek at our refurbished office chair collection. It is a good start!

It’s also important to remember that when disposing of old furniture, it should always be recycled or donated so that it doesn't end up in landfills. We at the Office Crowd make the promise to our customers that “you will never throw away this chair.” We are committed to refurbishing, donating or recycling every item that comes into our warehouses.

What Does this Mean for Office Chairs?

The concept of a circular economy applies to office chairs as well. Manufacturers should design chairs that can be easily disassembled so that parts can be replaced if necessary instead of having to get rid of the entire chair when something needs repair or replacement. Additionally, manufacturers should create products that are made from recycled materials whenever possible so that fewer natural resources are needed to make new office chairs every year. Finally, furniture makers should focus on making high-quality pieces that withstand wear and tear over time so that customers don’t have to replace them too often. We are leading the charge for the furniture industry, we have a full circular economy solution for office furniture, check out one of our curated collections here.

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