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Article: How Facilities Managers in the UK Can Reduce Waste and Carbon with Refurbished Office Furniture

How Facilities Managers in the UK Can Reduce Waste and Carbon with Refurbished Office Furniture

How Facilities Managers in the UK Can Reduce Waste and Carbon with Refurbished Office Furniture

Office furniture waste is an ever-growing problem in the United Kingdom. It is estimated that over 70 million tonnes of office furniture and equipment were generated between 2008 and 2011, with only about 20% of this being recovered or recycled.

This means that much of this furniture ends up in landfills or incinerators, producing greenhouse gases and contributing to global warming.

Fortunately, there are ways for facilities managers to reduce their businesses’ carbon footprint and keep office furniture out of landfills. Here’s how refurbished office furniture from The Office Crowd can help facilities managers reduce waste and carbon emissions in their offices.


How Sustainability Can Be Part Of A Facilities Manager’s Job

Sustainability has become an important part of many businesses’ operations, as companies strive to be more conscious of their environmental impact.

As such, it is important for facilities managers to ensure that their offices are as eco-friendly as possible. One way they can do this is by using sustainable materials when furnishing the office space.

For example, using certified wood products ensures that no illegal harvesting practices have been used in producing the product; choosing Energy Star-certified appliances helps save energy; and selecting low VOC paint helps keep indoor air quality healthy. And choosing to purchase refurbished office furniture from The Office Crowd.

All these measures not only help protect the environment but also lead to a healthier work environment for employees—which leads to increased productivity!


How The Office Crowd Offers Sustainable Solutions In Refurbished Office Furniture

The Office Crowd offers a unique solution for facilities managers looking to reduce office waste – buying refurbished office furniture from us!

Our team of experienced professionals carefully inspects each piece before it goes into our inventory so you can rest assured that you are getting only top quality furniture at a fraction of the cost of buying new pieces.

Plus, because we offer free shipping on all orders within the UK, you don’t have to worry about having your new pieces delivered! By investing in refurbished items rather than buying brand new ones, you are helping keep usable pieces out of landfills while also saving money—it’s a win-win situation!

How We Can Provide Carbon Accounting For Facilities Managers

At The Office Crowd, we understand that reducing your business’ carbon footprint isn’t just about buying sustainable materials – it’s also about tracking your progress over time.

That’s why we offer comprehensive carbon accounting services so you can monitor your company’s environmental impact every step of the way.

Through our online portal, you can track your CO2 emissions from multiple sources and even compare them against industry standards so you know exactly how your company is doing when it comes to sustainability goals. Plus, with our easy-to-use interface and detailed reports on demand, you never have to worry about staying on top of your progress again!

When buying refurbished furniture, you’re taking something that would otherwise end up in landfill and giving it new life.

This not only keeps furniture out of landfill but also reduces the need for more resources to be used to create new pieces. Additionally, buying refurbished furniture helps reduce carbon emissions that come with production and transportation of new items.

With all these benefits, it makes sense to buy refurbished when possible!


Reducing office furniture waste doesn't have to be difficult - with The Office Crowd's selection of refurbished items and comprehensive carbon accounting services, facilities managers in the UK can easily make their offices more eco-friendly while still saving money!

Investing in refurbished items keeps usable pieces out of landfills while also ensuring top quality products at an affordable price – plus with our free shipping options within the UK, there's no need to worry about delivery costs either!

Whether you're looking for one specific piece or furnishing an entire office space from scratch - The Office Crowd has everything you need for a greener workplace experience!

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