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Article: Colour me Current! 2023 Top Colour Trends For Your Home Office

Colour me Current! 2023 Top Colour Trends For Your Home Office

Colour me Current! 2023 Top Colour Trends For Your Home Office

We’re all looking for a bit of refreshment in our home office spaces. After all, we spend the majority of our days here! With the end of 2022 and the start of 2023, it’s time to look at the newest colour trends that are sure to make your workspace feel fresh and inviting.

Let’s shake off the doldrums of the pandemic and take a look at how you can use these colours to spruce up your home office weather you are working from home or looking to spruce up your office at work.


The first colour trend is called Digital Lavender.

This hue is soft and muted, perfect for adding a touch of tranquillity into your home office space.

It is a colour not often found in nature, hence the "digital" name. To incorporate this hue into your workspace, consider painting an accent wall or investing in a lavender desk chair or rug as an interesting addition to your décor.

Furthermore, incorporating some greenery in shades of dark green will perfectly complement this colour palette.

Digital Lavender
The second trend is Luscious Red.

This vibrant tone adds energy and life to any room! Again, painting an accent wall with luscious red is one way to incorporate this hue into your home office—or if that seems too bold for you, simply add some smaller touches like a red lamp or throw pillow on your couch.

Luscious Red
The third trend is Sundial.

This warm yellow-sandy hue offers a more subtle way to enhance the atmosphere of your home office without overwhelming it with too much colour.

Consider adding paint touches such as stripes or patterns throughout the room, or even invest in some furniture pieces that feature this shade like a bookshelf or ottoman. You could also bring nature inside with plants that have warm hues to contrast against the sandy tones of Sundial—for instance, bright spring flowers would be perfect!

The fourth trend is Tranquil Blue

A cool blue that evokes feelings of calmness and relaxation when used in design projects.

This hue can be incorporated through artwork such as blue prints hung on walls or even upholstered furniture pieces like sofas and armchairs in shades ranging from light blues to navy blues.

Additionally, some potted plants with blue-green toned leaves would fit perfectly within this theme!

Tranquil Blue

Finally, Verdigris is the last colour trend for 2023

This soft teal to olive green brings forth ideas of nature and serenity within any home office space design project you choose to undertake!

To implement Verdigris into your home office space, consider using wallpaper featuring botanical designs; alternatively, adding furniture pieces such as chairs or desks in various shades of olive green will also do wonders for bringing out this calming effect within any room.



With these five popular 2023 colour trends now known by the in crowd, of architects, interior designers, office managers and hip individuals like yourself – Digital Lavender, Luscious Red , Sundial , Tranquil Blue , and Verdigris -

We offer a wide range of second hand office chairs, like Herman Miller Aeron, and Knoll, if you are looking to give your desk a refresh as well.

It's easy to see why they're becoming increasingly popular when it comes to designing home offices! Whether you choose to go bold with one statement piece or opt for smaller additions around the room - there's no doubt that utilizing these hues will truly transform any workspace into something special! So don't wait - get creative and bring life back into your workday by implementing these amazing 2023 colour trends today!

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