Linear Table Lamp

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The Linear Table Lamp by Muuto brings an elegant expression and subtle details to any space. Designed with inherent functionality through its dimmable light source, the Linear Table Lamp hints towards the archetypal library lamp through its familiar form, joined by a friendly character that allows for it to be used in any setting. The design features a USB-C plug for charging electronic devices.

Thomas Bentzen on the design: "The Linear Lamp Series is designed from the idea of creating smaller atmospheres through modern light, bringing a sense of intimacy to larger spaces. With their elegant expression, subtle details and inherent functionality of a dimmable light source, the designs create space for both being and working on your own as well as making for a friendly environment when in the company of others. Use the Linear Lamp Series for any space in need of modern, functional lighting that can be adjusted to the exact purpose of your space."

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