Hee Dining Chairs - Set of 2

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The Hee Chair was designed with the aim of perfecting an archetypal chair down to the last detail while keeping the expression to a minimum. The intention was to design a modern chair that could be used in a variety of settings, both indoors and out. The attempt was successful, and the Hee chair series is a functional and easy-to-understand chair. It coils metre after metre of metal wire into clean, straight lines in three versions: bar stool, lounge chair, and dining chair, just like a line drawing.

Before being lacquered, the metal wire is electro-galvanized, making it rust-resistant and suitable for outdoor use. For conference use, the chairs can be joined together in rows, and the new colour scheme keeps the Hee chairs current.

The core of the idea of a chair is Hee Dining. As if a minimalist line drawing had been turned into a usable metal shape.

A minimum order of two chairs in the same finish is needed.

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