Ace Counter Chair 75cm - Fully Upholstered

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Hans Hornemann, a Danish designer, drew inspiration for the Ace series from his own experiences in Copenhagen. The series is aimed at city dwellers who value quality and aesthetics while also having to adjust to the city's limited space. Ace provides maximum comfort in a compact form, with a recurring design feature of welcoming, organic lines.

Hans Hornemann focused on a chair and its basic elements, such as the backrest, seat, and legs, while designing Ace, and he developed a practical and aesthetic design with a smaller stature than typical lounge furniture.

The design strikes a delicate balance between refined and relaxed. The piping around the seat and back emphasises the enticing volume of the full upholstery and frames it elegantly. A backwards-leaning backrest and cheekily angled legs add attitude and edge to a style that is both timeless and nonchalant.

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