Copenhague Desk CPH90

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The Copenhague Desk (CPH 90) from HAY is a simple, compact, and practical desk with just the right amount of space for working. The cantilevered design with a generous overhang gives your legs total freedom underneath, and the desk's leg and base options allow it to fit into almost any interior design. A matching finish veneer, laminate, or super-matt linoleum top is available for the desk. Linoleum is our recommendation because it is a simple-to-clean surface that can withstand a wide range of marks and stains.

In 2013, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec created the Copenhague furniture collection, which was created specifically for the University of Copenhagen. Functionality, longevity, and ease of cleaning were critical design criteria for the university, in addition to a homely and inviting appearance. The Bouroullec brothers approached the challenge by combining design tradition with modern technology in a powerful and independent idiom that encompasses both public and private environments in a broad and flexible sequence.

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