Arbour - 3 Seater Sofa

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The HAY Arbour 3-Seater Sofa is the first sofa created by a Danish company to earn the official Nordic Swan ecolabel, thanks to a partnership between designers Daniel Rybakken and Andreas Engesvik.

The clean, wooden frame has an architectural quality to it, which is echoed in its rational construction and uncluttered design language. Arbour Eco is distinguished by its elegant simplicity, as it is made up of well designed, separate components that were individually developed for maximum comfort, quality, and performance. This ensures that each component can be preserved and repaired without having to replace the entire sofa, ensuring a longer, more environmentally sustainable outcome.

Andreas Engesvik and Daniel Rybakken's Arbour embodies the idea that design should come after construction. It's made up of different components that were each manufactured separately for maximum comfort, quality, and performance. This sofa was designed with the aim of creating a long-lasting sofa that would qualify for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel on the European market. The frame is made of FSC approved wood, and the covers are made of chosen, eco-labelled upholsteries. The seat and back cushions are proportioned carefully, with matching side cushions providing a sense of cohesion and allowing for several comfortable sitting or lying positions, while the frame creates a solid yet elegant profile with an architectural quality. Arbour Eco fuses its distinctly Scandinavian aesthetics with high comfort and great longevity thanks to its sensible construction and uncluttered design language.

Available in two and three-seater versions, with a range of upholstery options.

Dimensions: 2200w x 870d x 750h (mm)

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