Where craftsmanship meets design to create unparalleled quality and beauty.

As a leading brand in furniture and home accessories, Akaba has been creating exceptional pieces since 1986, and is renowned for its passion for authenticity, innovation and sustainability.


At Akaba, we believe that furniture should be more than just functional.

Our designs are inspired by nature, culture, and architecture, and are crafted by skilled artisans who pay attention to every detail to ensure a perfect finish. Our materials are carefully selected for their quality and durability, and we take great care in the manufacturing process to guarantee the highest standards of quality.

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We believe that furniture should be more than just functional, it should be a work of art.


Akaba's product range includes chairs, stools, tables, and various accessories, all of which are characterized by their elegant lines, sleek shapes, and refined finishes. Our furniture is designed to be both practical and comfortable, and to blend seamlessly with any environment, from homes to offices, hotels, and public spaces.


We use eco-friendly materials and production techniques that minimize our environmental impact, and we strive to create products that are long-lasting and can be easily repaired and recycled.


The in-house design team at Akaba is made up of experienced professionals who bring their expertise and creativity to every project. Some of the notable designers who have collaborated with Akaba in the past include Jean Louis Iratzoki, Gabriel Teixidó, Sylvain Willenz, and Jorge Pensi, among others. These designers have created some of the most iconic and successful products in Akaba's collection.

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We are committed to achieving carbon net zero by 2030.

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